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Fish species

Smidt Nissen Jøker & Co. specializes in Danish freshwater fish of highest quality. Throughout history, freshwater has always played an important part in commercial production.

Below you can see which fish we offer:
Minimum delivery is 400 kg.

If you want less, you can be informed about the nearest distributor by calling tel. +45 97 18 70 70.

The carp is originally an Asian fish, and it has been an important farming fish in Asia for nearly 2.000 years. It spread from the East to Europe, and today the carp is still a popular fish, frequently being served all over Europe.

Every supplier of fish with respect for himself sells trout. Trout are bred for portion size in fish farms and preserved by smoking and freezing or freshly prepared. The trout is a great fish for eating and can be prepared in many ways.

We offer four different species 

The sturgeon is a very interesting type of fish. There are many different species of sturgeon, and they share similarities with the sharks, which are cartilage fish. For example, the tail fin has the same asymmetrical shape, the skeleton is very cartilaginous, and the fins are stiff. The sturgeon also has bony plates on its body instead of scales, which characterizes many fossil fish. It does not reach sexual maturity until the age of 8-14. The female lays 800,000-2,400,000 eggs, which attach to stones. Eggs from the beluga sturgeon are very valuable. They are the ones sold as real caviar.

Rainbow trout
The rainbow trout comes directly from Danish fish farms. The size ranges from fingerlings to 800 g. The salmon trout, on the other hand, ranges from 400 g. and up.

River trout
The river trout is often used for release in streams and the like. The normal size for this type of fish ranges from 300-500 g. to 400-600 g.

Golden trout
The golden trout is a further developed rainbow trout. The size of the fish is about 400 g.

Brook trout
The brook trout has a good reputation as a fish for eating, and it is very famous among fish eaters. Most often we sell this fish in 400-600 g.

The zander is a freshwater fish that can also live in seawater with low salt content. It belongs to the perch family. In addition to being a very tasty fish, the zander is also characterized by not being seasonal. It is a somewhat new fish species in our program.

Wels catfish
The wels catfish can withstand and does well in lakes with warm water temperatures. However, it stems from German aquaculture. The fish is being sold from about 500 g.

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