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Danish quality fish for restaurants and fish farms in Germany

Smidt Nissen Jøker & Co. was established as a company in 1956, but our history dates back to the 1890s when pioneers, H.P. Smidt Nissen and his son Smidt Nissen Jøker, invented fish farming as we know it today in Denmark.

Since the 1890s, Smidt Nissen Jøker & Co. has been selling live fish. With more than 100 years of experience in the fish industry, the family business is on to its fourth generation. Today more than 100 years later, the close contact to the customers and the export is still a very important focal point in the company’s business.

At night, the wild fish were caught in nets and placed in breeding basins to be fattened up and bred. Afterwards they were transported in holding basins to Germany by train, while employees were whipping motion in the water in order for there to be enough oxygen for them to stay alive during the trip. Upon arriving, they were loaded onto small cars and taken to the customer.

In 1928, Smidt Nissen Jøker started his own production in Egtved and exported live fish from Denmark to Germany and Switzerland.

Today the export is somewhat more technological, and Smidt Nissen Jøker has become a well respected company on the German market, having some of Germany’s top restaurants among its customers.

Levering af fisk med togvogn i Schweiz

Grundlægger af virksomheden, Smidt Nissen Jøker

Finn Jøker
Finn Jøker, 3rd generation, takes over the company. The current export to Germany starts.

The company’s management expands
Finn Jøker joins the company’s management.

Smidt Nissen Jøker & Co. is established
Smidt Nissen Jøker & Co. is established as a company. The focus is on niche products to Denmark, specializing in the production of river trout to anglers.

Smidt Nissen Jøker starts
Smidt Nissen Jøker starts his own production of fish in Egtved, Denmark.

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